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BTEX Condensing Units

  These provide environmental protection by controlling and eliminating B-Tex and VOC emissions from natural gas dehydration units.  Through our air cooled condensing units, vapors are condensed to liquid, then collected and recycled.  The units also recover fugitive condensates for sale and Use residual VOC vapors for regenerator burner fuel or send to flare in stack.  BCOSI manufactures an extensive line of B-Tex condensing units to order.  They can be sized from 125,000 BTU/HR reboiler to 2MM BTU/HR.  All fin tubes are stainless steel with clean out ports.  Headers, tanks and frame can be carbon steel (painted) or stainless steel per customer request. 

Our B-TEX condensing units are very low maintenance and much more economical than the competition. Call TODAY for pricing 361.573.6354


This unit has been in service over 5 years with ZERO issues. Specs: Stainless Fin Tubes, Steel Tank and Frame