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Field and Shop Repair

BC Oilfield Services has facilities in Victoria, Texas and Teague, Texas to service the greater Texas area. Field repair to customer equipment is an important aspect to BC Oilfield Services. Our fleet of field technicians have years of experience in most production applications and an extensive knowledge in gas dehydration equipment. Not only does our expertise in gas dehydration equipment allow us to troubleshoot most problems in the field but we can also provide maintenance at our facilities to any equipment needing additional repairs.

Field Services

Field Repair

Field repair and maintenance is a must in today’s fast moving oil & gas industry. BC Oilfield Services provides this service to our customers and guarantees a quality job each and every time our technicians are on location. With a 24 hour and 7 day a week on call service available to our customers, BC Oilfield Services can provide the parts, tools, and technical service to our customer base in a timely manner. Please see below for the field services we provide.

  • Field Technicians with oil & gas knowledge and experience
  • Service vehicles stocked parts and tools
  • Chemical wash and steam cleaning unit
  • Automation services
  • Instrumentation and electrical services
  • Diagnostics checks
  • Routine maintenance and repair to customer equipment

Shop Services

Shop Repair

BC Oilfield also offers in shop repair and maintenance to customer equipment. Because some equipment is in need of or requires further inspection or repair for operation, we provide this service to insure a quality job. BC Oilfield Services is capable of building, repairing and/or modifying most production equipment and are an ASME Code shop. Due to this, we can provide our customer with a quality new or repaired product that follows the proper guidelines set by ASME Code. With over 10,000 square feet of space and the working knowledge of oil & gas production equipment, BC Oilfield Services is ready and capable to provide outstanding service to our customers. Please see below for our services provided.

  • ASME Code stamp for New and Repaired equipment
  • Welding services
  • Valve and controller repair and testing
  • Chemical and steam cleaning service
  • Automation service
  • Instrumentation and electrical service
  • Custom fabrication and design
  • Parts sales
  • Equipment calibration