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Glycol Dehydration and Regeneration Units

   BCOSI specializes in natural gas dehydration, not only in fabrication of units, but set up, service and maintenance.  From fabrication to operation, everyone at BCOSI knows the process of natural gas dehydration.  BCOSI manufactures units to industry standards (ASME Code, Sec. VIII Div. 1) taking into account customer needs, preferences and specifications.  Our working knowledge of the process helps us achieve a superior product line.

blended dehy pic

   A glycol dehydration unit utilizes triethylene glycol as a desiccant to remove water from natural gas.  Packed or trayed contact towers are packaged with properly sized regenerators to remove the moisture from the glycol.  All natural gas well streams contain water vapor.  Free water may also be present in the well stream.  Glycol dehydration units are sized by gas flow, pressure and temperature.