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   Separators are pressure vessels designed for removing and collecting liquids from natural gas.  The goal of a properly sized separator is to separate the well stream into liquid-free gas and gas-free liquid.  Separators are manufactured in two basic styles; vertical and horizontal.  Vertical separators are ideally suited to well streams characterized by surging liquids and low to intermediate gas-oil ratios.  Horizontal separators are ideally suited to well streams having high gas-oil ratios, constant flow and small liquid surge characteristics.  Separators are also manufactured in two basic phases, 2-phase which is gas-liquid separation and 3-phase which is gas-liquid/liquid separation (i.e. 2-phase operation separates liquid from the natural gas in the form of water and oil combined, whereas 3-phase operation separates liquid from the gas stream and separates the oil & water from each other as well).


BCOSI manufactures separators to industry standards (ASME Code, Sec. VIII Div.1) taking in account customer needs, preferences and specifications.  Separators can be skid mounted or stand alone with all necessary controls and piping to be delivered ready for operation.

   Separators of all types can be skid mounted and piped up, paired up and or stacked up, paired with indirect line heaters, high and low pressure production skids, etc.

  • High & low pressure vertical, 2 & 3-phase
  • High & low pressure horizontal, 2 & 3-phase (bucket weir or spillover construction)
  • Sand Separator
  • Free Water Knockout
  • Gas Scrubber
  • Well Testing Separators & Production Equipment