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Water Bath Indirect Line Heaters

Water bath indirect heaters are used for a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry.

  1. Heating high pressure natural gas prior to pressure reduction to prevent the formation of hydrates in the line downstream of the choke or regulator.
  2. Heating of crude oil to maintain its temperature above the paraffin pour-point and to reduce viscosity for easier handling in further processing.
  3. Heating a natural gas well stream to maintain it above hydrate-forming temperature from the well to the processing point even if pressure reduction is minimal.

BCOSI line heaters are manufactured in sizes ranging from 250,000 BTU/HR to 2.5MM BTU/HR.  They include removable fire tubes and removable flow coil bundles, built in fuel gas preheat and complete fuel gas burner management system.  Choke size and style as well as amount and configuration of preheat and expansion coils can be customized per customer needs.  Options such as downdraft diverters, insulation and jacketing, skid mounting are also available.